The Forest Class

How much future are you willing to have?

We invite you to THE FOREST CLASS. Three days in the midst of the Brazilian Amazon to create and cultivate transformation through awareness.

Learn what the trees know and be. We will take our lead from the forest around us. Strengthen the immune system of the earth and your body.

If people will allow themselves to be told where to go by the consciousness of the world instead of trying to determine where they are supposed to go based on the limitations of this reality, a whole different world opens up.

All proceeds from this class go to Forests for Futures.


The Foundation

Pricing/Cost of participation

Hard costs for this class are 1,200 EUR + a minimum contribution of 1,300 EUR for Forests for Futures:

  • Minimum total 2,500 EUR

  • Please know: You are invited to contribute as much as will create the future you desire to have. If you would like to contribute more to Forests for Futures we will provide this possibility shortly.


Amazon Jungle Palace – You do NOT need to book a room as we will do that for you with your payment of the class!

Do you have questions?
We are here to help! Please email with your questions.